Was The Halle Berry Sex Scene From “Monster’s Ball” Real?

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Was the (in)famous Halle Berry’s nude sex scene with Billy Bob Thornton in “Monster’s Ball” real? The question has plagued us celeb jihadists for nearly two decades, but now we finally have the answer…

For we consulted with the highest authority available… My mentor, friend, and the world renowned Islamic scholar Imam Haid D’Salaami. And after spending many hours in his private chamber (in what sounded like deep and vigorous religious contemplation) reviewing the above supercut compilation video of the sex scene, Imam Haid D’Salaami emerged sweaty and dehydrated to proclaim that Billy Bob “definitely fucked that nigra whore”.

So there you have it, Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton really had sex in “Monster’s Ball”. Anyone who disputes this divine revelation is a blasphemer against the one true faith, and they will be dealt with swiftly and severely using our mighty scimitars and stones.