Vivid To Release Kim Kardashian Birth Tape

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Vivid Entertainment, the company behind the Kim Kardashian sex tape, is reportedly in talks to release the Kim Kardashian birth tape.

The 4 hour video was filmed this Saturday as Kim Kardashian gave birth to her bastard child with rapper Kanye West, and will be the first chance Kim Kardashian fans get to see fluids and a big black thing come OUT of Kim’s vagina.

Some highlights of the Kim Kardashian birth tape include:


  • A disinterested Kanye West texting on his cell phone throughout the birth
  • Kim’s mother Kris Jenner negotiating the rights with E! to televise the baby’s first BM
  • The baby easily crawling out of Kim Kardashian gaping vagina hole
  • Kim’s sister Khloe gnawing through the umbilical cord
  • Stepfather Bruce Jenner devouring the afterbirth for its purported health benefits