“Vikings” Best Nude Scenes Compilation

katheryn-winnick, celeb-videos, celeb-jihad, alyssa-sutherland

The video below features a compilation of the best nude scenes from the hit TV series “Vikings”.

Since “Vikings” airs on basic cable in the great Satan US of A, many fail to realize that they are watching a censored version of the show… And that the uncut version that comes out on Blu-Ray features quite a bit of blasphemous female nudity and sex.

Of course this doesn’t really interest us Muslims, for if we want to see powerful bearded men using their meat swords to violently plow well-formed women into submission we’d simply look in the mirror.

katheryn-winnick, celeb-videos, celeb-jihad, alyssa-sutherland

Notably missing from this nude compilation video is the show’s lead female star Katheryn Winnick. Which makes us question whether these so-called “vikings” were true manly men, or just more heathen homofags. For there is no doubt that a Muslim would have pulled Katheryn’s titties out and bent her over a barrel of fish while vigorously sodomizing her anus hole.