Victoria Justice Whoring To Save The Elephants

victoria-justice, nude-celebs, celeb-jihad

Former Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice is a tremendous whore (as you can see in the nude photos above) who’s obsession with large phallic objects has been extensively documented on this holy Islamic website through the years.

victoria-justice, nude-celebs, celeb-jihad

That is why it comes as no surprise to learn that Victoria’s favorite animal is the elephant (she obviously hasn’t heard of narwhals), and to witness her suggestively gripping the poor beasts large tusk in the photos above.

In fact, this elephant eroticism is all part of Victoria’s new conservation effort in which she will use her passion for extreme vaginal stretching to help raise money to build an elephant sanctuary in east Cleveland.

For Victoria is currently looking for corporate sponsors for her “Tusk Challenge” in which she will take an elephant’s mighty horn up her gaping cock cave. Already Nike (who is on fire with their endorsement deals lately) has pledged $10 per inch, which all but assures that Victoria will raise at least $200.