Victoria Justice Topless Magazine Outtake

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Victoria Justice shows off her nude tits while topless in the outtake photo above from her spread in the new issue of “Chair Erotica Quarterly”.

While face down and ass up is the most natural position for a woman to be in, she should only be posing in it while praying to Allah, scrubbing the floors, planting the poppy fields, or waiting for her husband to brutally sodomize her anal hole. For Victoria to mock this most halal of female postures by flaunting her bare boobies is a great offense to us pious Muslims.

Yes clearly Victoria Justice needs to be taught a lesson for this brazen attack on Islam. Perhaps she should be taken out into the desert and buried head down like this in the hot sand. When the scorpions and buzzards come for their meals, Victoria will know that showing her tits in defiance of Islam like this is extremely hazardous to her health.