Victoria Justice Practices Auditioning

victoria-justice, celeb-jihad

The photo above is an exclusive look at Nickelodeon’s teen star Victoria Justice practicing for an upcoming audition.

It warms the heart (and the loins) to see such dedication from a young hot teen starlet. Many acting careers are made and broken in the audition room, and Victoria Justice is showing that she is no stranger to doing what it takes to land a role.

Let this picture of Victoria Justice be a lesson to all you girls out their eager to make it in Hollywood. You have to bring more than a just pretty face and nice smile to an audition if you want to make it in showbiz.

Notice how Victoria conveys her eagerness to please by opening her mouth, sticking out her tongue, and taking a white load to the face. Now that is what I call a “star quality”. The kid is going to go far!