Victoria Justice Laughs At A Cripple

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Victoria Justice laughs in the face of a cripple fan in the shocking photo above.

Victoria was hanging outside of a local high school chewing gum with a friend when she was approached by a handicap fan who was seeking an autograph. Upon seeing that the girl was in a wheelchair Victoria Justice reportedly remarked, “Eww what is wrong with your legs are you retarded or something”.

The crippled girl shyly explained to Victoria that she had her spine severed from a stray bullet from a drive-by shooting when was just a small child. This caused Victoria Justice to laugh uncontrollably in the girl’s face, before finally gaining enough composure to suggest that her parents should make more money so that they can live in a safer neighborhood.

As for the autograph, Victoria Justice explained to the crippled girl that she would be signing autographs next week at the mall in Pasadena for $20 a pop. However, she suggested that the girl save her money because she “obviously needs it”, and besides she is not sure about “the whole ramp sitch” at the mall.