Victoria Justice And Friend Discuss Female Genitalia

victoria-justice, celeb-jihad

It did not take long for Hollywood to corrupt 17 year old Victoria Justice and turn her into a cunt-hungry lesboqueer.

As you can see in the gif below Victoria Justice is having some sort of “girl talk” session with her obviously homosexual redheaded friend when the topic of female genitalia comes up. Both girls mouth the word “pussy” with Victoria Justice then licking her lips and the redhead giving a mischievous smile and eyebrow raise.

victoria-justice, celeb-jihad

The thought of these two hot young teen girls engaged in lesbian encounters, their eager tongues exploring each other’s nubile bodies while moans of pleasure echo off the walls sickens me! In fact I am so disturbed by the thought of it I doubt I’ll be able to think of anything else the rest of the day.

Victoria Justice teenage lesbian experimentation will now haunt my dreams, and I demand she be punished for inflicting such mental anguish on a pious Muslim man like myself. A vigorous lashing with a whip made of bounded reeds should do the trick. I expect the males of her clan to carry this out post-haste less I be forced to issue a fatwa. Allahu Akbar!