Tinkerbell Caught Working A Glory Hole


Disney creation “Tinkerbell” shows off her magical fairy vagina while working a glory hole in the video above. This re-imagining of the Tinkerbell character, from innocent girl to deranged sex whore, is all part of Disney’s effort to appeal to the next generation of kuffar children.

Thanks to the corrupt Zionist entertainment industry and hormone laden food supply, most kids in America today are sexually active by the age of 5. Disney knows that if they want to still appeal to this new slutty generation, they are going to have to make their characters more relatable.

Tinkerbell sucking strange fairy dick through a gloryhole is the perfect start for this new younger campaign, as most infidel children have probably witnessed their mothers performing the same act. One can only imagine what kind of kinky sex acts are in store for the rest of the beloved Disney family of characters, but one thing is for certain, Snow White is going to get gang f*cked by those 7 dwarfs.