Tiger’s Wife Elin Is To Blame For Affairs

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I’ve had about all I can take of the Tiger Woods bashing going on in the media these days. Last time I checked Muhammad had 11 wives, and he was a pretty good guy.

The real problem is Tiger’s #1 wife Frau Elin “Ice Pussy” Nordegren. It has now been confirmed that Elin hit Tiger in the face with a golf club knocking out a tooth before he crashed his car. How a limp-wristed woman was able to lift and swing a golf club, let alone have the mental capacity to figure out how to work the “blasted contraption” is astonishing in itself. However, the fact that Tiger didn’t immediately disarm her and sodomize right there on the spot for even touching his property is what is really beyond belief!

I blame Oprah and her feminist ilk for filling women’s heads with a lot of non sense about equality. The Qur’an is pretty clear about a woman’s place. She is a baby factory that must maintain her usefulness by cooking and cleaning, less she be cast out into the desert for a younger firmer model. If Elin had been on her knees every night taking care of business Tiger wouldn’t have been forced to subject himself to second rate stank puss.

I think it is pretty obvious that Elin has failed in her a marital duties. If this country was civilized and just like the glorious nation of Afghanistan, Tiger would be able to return Elin to her father with nothing but the clothes on her back. Her father would then lash her 30 times for failing as a wife, and force her to go back to fellating her Uncle Ahmed until she learned to do the damn thing right.