The Wrong Jenner Girl Gets Her Sex Pic Leaked

kylie-jenner, kendall-jenner, celeb-jihad, bruce-jenner

The much anticipated day is finally here, as one of the Jenner girls just had a naked sex picture leaked online.

Unfortunately for all the Jenner girls fans out there, the sex pic does not feature Kendall Jenner getting railed by her brother-in-law Scott Disick, or even 17-year-old Kylie Jenner getting plowed by her middle-aged black rapper boyfriend Tyga. No, as you can see in the photo below, the first Jenner girl to have a nude sex photo leaked online is none other than papa Bruce Jenner.

kylie-jenner, kendall-jenner, celeb-jihad, bruce-jenner

Yes when Bruce isn’t going on national television and crying to Diane Sawyer about how he always wished he was a woman, he is getting his mutilated genital hole licked on camera. No doubt now that Bruce has finally finished his “transformation” he will be hanging out down at the docks waiting for the ships to come in, so that the desperate sailors can gang bang his newly carved out cock cave.

Of course what Bruce Jenner fails to realize is that he can never really become a woman, for he will always just be a mentally disturbed homoqueer man who hacked off his penis.