The Top 5 Nude TV Scenes Of 2011

emmy-rossum, celeb-videos, celeb-jihad

Well the Zionists in heathen Hollywood have done it again, with another year of immoral harlots on television showing their disgusting lady parts to the world.

Thankfully when Islam conquers the West we will be able to punish these women for their brazen displays of sexuality. Only then will the sins they have committed be purged from the earth and the scales of justice brought back into balance.

To that end, the video below chronicles the top 5 most blasphemous nude scenes on television in 2011. I have meticulously examined each scene to determine the extent of each actress’ punishment, based upon the effect they have on my loins. Needless to say their punishments will be severe.

emmy-rossum, celeb-videos, celeb-jihad

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