Taylor Swift Split Roasted Sex With Black Guys

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Taylor Swift recently unexpectedly dumped her white boyfriend (the British DJ Calvin Harris), and now we know why. As you can see in the photo above, Taylor has finally succumbed to the liberal cultural Marxist propaganda perpetuated by the Zionist controlled media, and is now a tremendous mudshark whore who enjoys getting spit roasted by two black cocks at once.

While white infidel males resort to being flaming homoqueers or crying themselves to sleep every night, white women like Taylor Swift are lauded for their “open-mindedness” as they betray their race and contract the AIDS from getting banged by African dongs.

Of course the average black man’s pathetically tiny penis is no match for the enormous tunic snakes of us virile Muslim men. Add to that the fact that us Muslims are by far the trendiest minority in the infidel West, and women like Taylor are no doubt frothing from their loins to celebrate multiculturalism by getting their orifices pounded out by our mighty meat scuds… Unfortunately for these thirsty hoes the only thing we are interested in banging them with are our righteous Sharia stones.