Taylor Swift Fondles Her Breasts In Concert

taylor-swift, celeb-jihad

As you can see in the GIF above, while recently performing in concert Taylor Swift sat down on stage and began fondling her breasts.

According to those in attendance, Taylor Swift spent a good 20 minutes vigorously kneading and squeezing her titties, and then an additional 15 minutes tweaking her nipples to the delight of her depraved fans.

Of course seeing Taylor playing with her sex organs on stage should come as no surprise, as she is in the midst of transitioning into a grown up pop star, and so she needs to appeal to the desires of an increasingly more mature and perverted fan base. In fact, as Taylor continues to progress along in her career her stage show will almost certainly degrade to the point were she is simply spreading eagle in the middle of the stage and going knuckles deep in her various orifices… in sync with various lasers and pyrotechnics of course.