Taylor Swift Flaunts Her Ass In Concert Video

Taylor Swift must of heard our recent praise of Ariana Grande’s in concert booty display, as it is certainly no coincidence that she brazenly flaunts her own ass onstage in the video above.

Unfortunately for Taylor Swift her dumpy pancake ass is not nearly as bangable as Ariana’s tight round dumper, but she does have the added advantage over Ariana of never having been romantically linked to any primitive Sub-Saharan jigaboos.

Yes all hope is not lost for Taylor Swift for in this video she has clearly demonstrated her extreme eagerness to get her rectum wrecked by a Muslim’s mighty meat scud. However, Taylor is going to have to channel those intense desires into performing squats to tone up her shit box, but who knows maybe after 8 or 9 months of hard work she will build hindquarters shapely enough to be able to experience the unimaginable pleasure of a Muslim crushing her colon. A girl can certainly dream can’t she?