Taylor Swift Attacks Free Speech

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As many of you may have noticed Celeb Jihad was offline for an extended period of time yesterday due to our ongoing legal battle with country music star Taylor Swift. Sadly because of this many of our fellow Celeb Jihadists were unable to obtain the vital celebrity gossip they come to rely on.

Ms Swift and her legal team’s attacks on our right to free speech are an outrage. Just because Taylor does not like our perception of her, it does not give her the right to use her lawyers to try and bully us into remaining silent. You don’t see me go up to Taylor Swift and slap the pen out of her hand, while she is writing her next big hit about the first time she got fingered in the backseat of her hick boyfriend’s pickup truck do you?

That is because us Muslims practice a little thing we like to call tolerance. I suggest Taylor Swift and her moronic infidel fans look it up, because when Islam finally conquers the West they will be stoned or imprisoned for their heathen intolerant ways. Allahu Akbar!