Taylor Momsen Childhood Trauma Video

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16 year old Taylor Momsen has longed blamed her parents for turning her into the back alley hooker we know her as today. Celeb Jihad just uncovered video supporting Taylor’s claim of abuse.

As you can see in the video below, Taylor Momsen suffered a significant trauma when she was forced to pretend to enjoy a putrid chicken seasoning known as “Shake ‘N Bake”. Allah only knows how many takes and lashings it took to get this final shot.

After seeing this horrific video of Taylor Momsen as a child being forced to pretend to enjoy Shake N Bake it is no wonder she has turned into the filthy whore she is today. One can only imagine how many c*cks she is going to have to suck to get that revolting taste out of her mouth.

Her fame whore parents should be put down for this abuse, but only after Taylor Momsen is stoned for the crime of sluttery. Because unfortunately for Taylor, Sharia law cares not for childhood sob stories. Allahu Akbar!