Sophie Turner Cheeky Nude Photo

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“Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner gets naked while on fours in the cheeky nude photo above.

A woman on her hands and knees is certainly halal, for from this position she can pray to Allah, scrub the floors, plant poppy seeds, bury roadside bombs, and await her husband for goat style (known in the West as doggy style) sex. However, in all those instances the woman should be wearing a full length thick black wool burka. For Sophie to defile this holy posture by posing in it fully nude is an offense us Muslims do not take lightly.

Yes Sophie will be made to pay for this egregious naked on all fours crime. As we speak a strongly worded fatwa is being drafted calling for Sophie’s immediate extradition to Saudi Arabia to stand trial in Sharia court. The British government would be wise to meet our demands less we decide to saddle up our war camels, tie them to rafts, and float over to their cursed heathen island to teach them a lesson for harboring Sophie’s brazenly blasphemous bare booty.