Selena Gomez Videos Her Hard Nip Pokies In A Nightie

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Selena Gomez was stuffing her bloated face with s’mores when she decide to whip out her cell phone and record her hard nipple pokies in a silk nightie for her Snapchat in the video below.

Of course it is not at all surprising to see Selena Gomez’s tit toppers fully erect in this video, as there are few things that arouse a fat Mexican slut like Selena more then white goo with processed sugar. In fact, Selena’s favorite treat growing up in Tijuana was called the “churros burros”, which is fried dough covered in cinnamon sugar and dipped in donkey semen.

Unfortunately for Selena when Islam finishes conquering the West marshmallows won’t be the only thing roasted on a spit over a campfire, as us righteous Muslims will enjoy sticking an apple in her mouth and giving her a taste of her future burning for all eternity in the hellfire.