Selena Gomez Shows Her Bare Butt

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Selena Gomez shows off her smooth bare butt in the nude photo above.

Selena’s hairless bottom is as haram and offensive to Islam as the rest of her disgusting beaner body. If us Muslims wanted to see a tight bald ass we’d go visit one of our bacha bazis (dancing boys). Real women (like our Musliminas) all have a thick coat of dark erotic pubic hair covering their asses, and in some very rare and expensive cases they even have tails.

Yes there is certainly nothing even remotely pleasing about the sight of Selena Gomez’s rump in this photo, for it is far too feminine to be sexy and far too soft to be of any use pulling the plow. I’m sure the donkeys down in Selena’s hometown of Tijuana enjoy banging it, but us Muslims are considerably more discerning so we are going to have to give it a hard pass.