Selena Gomez Nude Snapchat Photo Leaked

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The Snapchat photo above of Selena Gomez nude with her shameful female boobies on display has just been leaked online.

No word yet on who Selena Gomez sent this topless Snapchat pic too, but it is safe to assume that it was most likely a virile Muslim man that she was hoping to entice over to vigorously sex her sin holes. Unfortunately for Selena her seduction failed spectacularly, for not only did this pious Muslim stay faithful to Allah but he exposed her degenerate whorish behavior by leaking this photo to the Web.

Of course in the civilized Islamic world Selena Gomez would be buried up to her neck and righteously pelted with stones for trying to corrupt the souls of men with photos of her blasphemous nude womanly body. Sadly in the hopelessly backwards Western world, not only will Selena not be punished for this vile act against morality, but she will be cast as the victim for having her privacy violated with this nude leak. Now let the absolute absurdity of that sink in for a minute.