Selena Gomez Lazy Nude Photo

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Selena Gomez spreads her legs while laying in bed in the nude photo above.

Leave it to a typical lazy Mexican like Selena Gomez to not even bother getting out of bed after her “siesta” to prostitute her sinful nude body. I guess Selena figures that if she airs out her lady hole the smell of rotten flautas and refried beans will attract her male suitors.

It is one thing for Selena Gomez to be a brazen Jezebel, but she does not have to be slothful about it. Take pride in your work Selena, and go out there and whore that ass as you have been trained to do since your days working on the Disney channel. For remember the old Mexican saying, “the donkey will not come to you, you must go to the donkey”.