Selena Gomez In A Bikini Gets Disinfected

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As a matter of public health it is required that infidel whores like Selena Gomez periodically immerse themselves in a pool of super heated water known as a “hot tub” to kill the myriad of bacteria, molds, and weebles that run amok in their filthy orifices.

In the photo above, Selena Gomez is seen finishing one of these disinfection sessions in a hot tub while wearing a bikini. However, to ensure the disinfection process is complete the bikini will surely have to be burned, and the hot tub drained and dynamited.

Why the infidels resort to such extreme measures to keep the pestilences festering on Selena Gomez’s filthy body from spreading, when the all mighty stone is the ultimate in cleansing solutions is beyond me. Clearly backwards Western society prefers doing things the hard way.