Selena Gomez In A Bikini Calms Racial Tensions

selena-gomez, celeb-jihad

With racial tensions in the heathen US of A running high after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, actress Selena Gomez took it upon herself to try to quell the unrest and heal the racial divide in the country the only way she knows how… by dyking out in a bikini.

As a degenerate Mexican, Selena Gomez can relate to all races of non-Arab subhuman lesboqueers, so she is uniquely qualified to lick and scissor her way to racial harmony. As you can see in the photos above she is doing just that.

Let us hope that this multiracial Selena Gomez bikini dyke fest brings an end to racial tensions in the US of A, as us Muslims would hate for the whites and blacks to kill each other before we got a chance to Jihad them.