Selena Gomez “Hands To Myself” Remix Sex Video

Today is the first day of the North American leg of Selena Gomez’s “Revival Tour”, and in an effort to boost ticket sales Selena has released a remix to her infamous sex music video (first seen here) for her hit single “Hands To Myself”.

It is interesting to note that while the original mainstream music video for “Hands To Myself” centered around Selena masturbating, and the uncensored porn music video version had Selena both sucking and f*cking; this latest remix contains a good amount of hardcore bareback anal sex. At this rate if Selena makes any more “Hands To Myself” music videos they are going to feature her sucking off a donkey while getting her anus fisted… or as Selena use to call it back in her hometown of Tijuana, Mexico “Wednesday night”.

Of course this shift in focus towards Selena’s ass is all just part of her marketing strategy, for as you can see in the photo below Selena’s “Revival Tour” is going to be extremely booty-centric.

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