Selena Gomez Enjoys Anal Sex

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Selena Gomez can be seen naked and enjoying some bareback anal sex in the photo above.

There is nothing more sensual than a woman screaming in pain as she takes a manhood up her poop chute, as Selena is doing in this photo. Of course in the case of us Muslims our tunic snakes are so large that the women usually pass out cold before its massive head even reaches the entrance to her lower intestine.

That is why it is just as important for women to have smelling salts as it is for them to have lube, when they are experiencing the unimaginable pleasure of getting their rectal orifice stretched out and guts pulverized by a powerful Muslim man. Although in Selena Gomez’s case she will never know that kind of erotic ecstasy for she is haram, and so she will have to continue making due with tiny prick infidels (like the man in this photo) tickling her colon.