Selena Gomez Discovers Justin Bieber Is A Boy

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Shocked, flabbergasted, bewildered, these words do not adequately describe Selena Gomez right now after learning that her girlfriend Justin Bieber is in fact a boy.

Selena Gomez has long been one of young Hollywood’s most devout lesboqueers, dating everyone from Demi Lovato to Taylor Swift. However, when Selena made the switch and started dating Justin Bieber everyone just assumed it was because Justin has such a feminine look, and Selena was using him for a transition period until she found a real man.

However, apparently that was not the case, and Selena thought (understandably) that Justin Bieber was a girl, and that she was still in a lesbian relationship. That all changed in the video above when Selena’s friends held an intervention to tell her about Justin Bieber’s hidden manhood. As you can see Selena is blown away by the news. It will be interesting to see if this spells the end to Selena and Justin Bieber’s relationship.