Scarlett Johansson vs Jennifer Lawrence: Side Profile In A Tight Dress

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Not only are Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence two of the biggest stars in heathen Hollywood, but they are also two of its biggest whores. This fact is further illustrated in the photo above of both Scarlett and Jennifer showcasing their shamefully feminine curves from their side profile while in tight form fitting dresses.

It is difficult to say who won this tight dress side profile battle, as both Scarlett and Jennifer have offensively womanly bodies that should be hidden away behind thick black wool burkas. However after closely examining these women’s bodies in my private chambers I have determined that Scarlett’s ass is rounder and her tits are fatter, so I guess that makes her the “winner”.

Unfortunately for Scarlett what she wins is a higher position in the coming purge. For when Islam conquers the West all Hollywood harlots will be rounded up, and the great stoning on Sunset will commence. Of course with her fuller figure Scarlett will make for an easy target even from her side profile. Praise be to Allah!