Scarlett Johansson Narcissistic Topless Pic

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As you can see in the narcissistic photo above, Scarlett Johansson poses completely topless in front of a collage of movie posters from the films she has starred in.

This Scarlett Johansson topless photo really makes you appreciate how truly horrible her acting career has been. If Scarlett thinks that showing her boobs like this will make up for years of putting out these cinematic abominations she has another thing coming.

The only way that Scarlett Johansson’s breasts could make amends for movies like “Scoop”, “Don Jon”, and “Lost in Translation” is if she stuffed some C4 in between those massive titties of her’s and walked into a synagogue. Of course to pull off the attack Scarlett would have to not raise suspicion by “acting” natural, which is something she has repeatedly shown in her movies that she is incapable of doing.