Scarlett Johansson Mischievous Nude Photo

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Scarlett Johansson gives a mischievous grin while showing off her bare breasts in the nude photo above.

Since Scarlett is half Jewess this ominous smirking would normally almost certainly be the result of her either stealing Palestinian land or using an expired coupon at a store. However, what is disconcerting about this photo is that Scarlett is showing her Satanic Shebrew milk sacks at the time without any clear profit motive.

Obviously this means that something devious is in the works here, and one can not help but suspect that the Israeli Mossad is behind this Scarlett nude pic. Perhaps they hope that by showing us the offensive sight of Scarlett’s sinful tit meat our righteous indignation will distract us righteous Muslims long enough for them to once again sabotage Iran’s nuclear efforts. Unfortunately for the Zionists we have seen through this ruse, and the war camel patrols have been put on high alert at all of Iran’s nuclear facilities.