Sarah Shahi Naked Twitter Pic

sarah-shahi, celeb-jihad

Muslim actress Sarah Shahi recently Twittered the above naked picture of herself, and I must applaud her for beating the Zionist whores in Hollywood at their own game.

Normally I’d chastise and stone a woman for showing even close to this much skin, but I am definitely willing to give Sarah Shahi a pass because this picture is so artfully done. Notice the placement of Sarah’s arm blocking our view of her vagina and nipples. This is essential because as every Muslim knows those are the most offensive parts of a woman’s body.

Sarah Shahi has once again impressed me with her moral fortitude and good sense. Not to mention her brilliant marketing strategy of posting naked pictures on Twitter will surely draw the attention of the horny degenerate kuffar masses. She’ll then be able to sell them diet pills and cheeseburgers, and use the profits to fund terrorist operations around the world. Allahu Akbar!