Sarah Hyland Naked Showing Her Lady Flower

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“Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland poses naked while showing off her lady flower in the photo above. Looking at those wilted and bruised petals sitting between Sarah’s legs, it is clear that it is not doing well… that flower doesn’t appear to be in good shape either.

Yes it is obvious from this naked picture that both the flower and Sarah Hyland’s lady bits have been roughly plucked and pollinated a few too many times. However, at least that beaten up flower has a somewhat pleasant odor, unlike Sarah Hyland’s baby box which no doubt stinks like burnt hair and tonsil stones.

Of course much like the flower in this naked photo, there was a short window of time when they were first budding in which Sarah Hyland’s genitals were a pleasant sight, but that time has long past. Now both Sarah’s sin hole and this flower simply serve as a sad reminder of the fleetingness of beauty in the world, and should be disposed of without hesitation.