Sara Underwood Nude Yoga Complete Video

Former Playboy Playmate Sara Underwood performs nude yoga in the blasphemous video above.

If there is one infidel fad that us Muslims hate above all others it is yoga. For not only does it provide an opportunity for women to flaunt their sinful bodies in tight and in some cases completely see through pants, but it promotes the ridiculous cow humping pagan religion of Hinduism.

Of course for Sara Underwood to not only promote yoga but do so using her naked body certainly adds insult to injury… And as if that wasn’t bad enough she even defiles the good name of the noble camel with her “camel pose”, which by the way looks nothing like a camel as Sara lacks all of the animal’s extremely sensual curves. Rest assured that this nude yoga video has earned Sara Underwood a strongly worded fatwa, and a place at the top of the lapidation list when Islam finishes conquering the West.