Roseanne Looking Sexy In A Swimsuit

roseanne, celeb-jihad

Look how sexy American TV star Roseanne Barr looks in her swimsuit. Just kidding! As a Muslim seeing this bloated Jew flaunting her busted body churns the goat meat in my stomach, but for heathens in America this is considered hot.

The American aesthetic is hard for most Muslims to understand. For some reason these kuffars like their women to look like Roseanne in this picture, fat and nearly naked. They do not limit the calorie intake of their women who, naturally being the weak-willed creatures that they are, gorge themselves and become the disgusting blobs we see above.

America has a sick degenerate culture, and nothing better illustrates this then this picture of Roseanne in a swimsuit looking like a pig in heat. Allahu Akbar!