Rihanna Flashes Vagina Lips

rihanna, celeb-jihad

Rihanna continues to show why she is the premiere artist of our generation. This time Rihanna expressed her artistic talents by flashing her vagina lips AKA labia, hanging curtains, or roast beef.

All brilliant artists come up with new and exciting ways of expressing who they are, and Rihanna is no different. Nip slips and ass cracks are so your parent’s generation. Rihanna is pushing the envelope by brilliantly flashing her vaginal lips.

If this current trend of progressively more provocative “accidents” continues I would not be surprised to see a music “artist” get accidentally penetrated on stage.

Think about it Rihanna you could go down in music history if, while dancing around in your unitard, you slip and land on some sort of stage prop dildo. Now that is what I call artistic expression!