Rachel Bilson Has A Bikini Party

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Actress Rachel Bilson threw a slutty bikini party with friends in the hopes of procuring virile Muslim men for sexual pleasures.

As you can see in the picture above Rachel Bilson and her scantly clad friends flaunt their tight bodies in the hope that a Muslim man will come by and sex them. Obviously their attempts at seduction failed as no Muslim man would honor women of such ill repute with his powerful pious cock.

Rachel Bilson needs to learn that if she hopes to attract a Muslim man for sex (which she most certainly does) she can not dress like a vulgar street trollop. If Rachel Bilson wears the burka and appears obedient as she patiently prostrates herself before a Muslim man, he will eventually do her the honor of mounting her and spilling his seed.

However, until Rachel Bilson learns how to behave like a lady she will continue to go unsexed by us Muslim men.