Paulina Gaitan Nude Compilation Video

The video above features a compilation of Paulina Gaitan’s nude scenes.

Of course Paulina Gaitan is best known for playing Tata Escobar (which translates to Boob Brush) on the hit Netflix telenovela “Narcos”. As you can see from these nude scenes Paulina does have some admirable features, namely her dark black hair and the beginnings of a unibrow like our beloved Musliminas. Unfortunately that is where the similarities end, for unlike our pious Muslim women Paulina is a whore who brazenly showcases her tequila soaked Mexican titties.

Sadly that is an all too common trait among South American females, as they are base creatures thanks to their primitive Indian blood diluting the righteous Muslim Moors genes from the conquering Spanish conquistadors. If only the conquistadors were full-blooded Muslims they would have stoned the native sluts after raping them, and we wouldn’t be subjected to sinful sights like Paulina’s bulbous Meso-American mammaries today.