Olivia Wilde Fleshlight Sex Scene

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Olivia Wilde sucks some balls while using a “Fleshlight” to jerk off a man, before she switches to putting her cold stretched out lady hole on him to finish the job in the video below.

After viewing this sex video, it is certainly a tough call to say which us Muslims would find less pleasant around our meat scuds, a flimsy tube of Chinese made rubber or Olivia Wilde’s well used cock cave.

However, the benefit of Olivia Wilde’s baby box is that at least it might be able to stretch to accommodate our enormous manhoods, while the Fleshlight would almost certainly shatter into a million pieces from just having the tip of a Muslim’s powerful tunic snake inside of it. Of course in the Fleshlight’s defense you won’t get super AIDS or militant gonorrhea from f*cking it, and it doesn’t stink like burnt tofu and toe jam… the same can not be said for Olivia Wilde’s sausage pocket.