Olivia Wilde Appears in New “Tron” And Everywhere

olivia-wilde, celeb-jihad

She may not be very believable as a doctor on House, but she deserves an Oscar for playing the part of a hot girl 24/7. And she’s not just going the mainstream route in her assault on national media. As her pictorial in Flaunt demonstrates, she also has a deep yearning to be perceived as arty, which is fine, as long as she does it naked.

The 26 year-old was recently crowned queen of the Maxim 100, so she hasn’t been starved for publicity in the past year, but any mania that gets this gal in front of more cameras should be viewed more as a blessing than as simple media hype. We can all hope that Tron tanks and Wilde starts doing porn (she’s got the name for it), but lets face it Tron looks pretty good as far as heathen movies go.