Nicki Minaj Puts On Her Horniest Performance Yet

The creature known as Nicki Minaj puts on her horniest performance yet in the disturbing video above.

She-boon Nicki is a base animal who is clearly in heat as she enters the stage, and begins her mating dance by gyrating her clownishly enlarged sex organs to some primitive beats. No doubt if we could see through her pants we would see that Nicki’s swollen ass was bright red signaling her fertile time, as she drops it like it is hot, spreads her legs, and rhythmically rides an invisible cock.

Of course bouncing around on stage while rubbing her lady bits wasn’t enough for a savage slut like Nicki Minaj, as she also had to lift up her shirt and show her shitty Sub-Saharan titties. If there was just some tall grass and a chicken bone stuck through her nose, Nicki would look like she was back on the African savannah were she belongs.