Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Pic

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Hip-hop “artist” and fugly transexual clown Nicki Minaj went on “Good Morning America” and flashed her nasty ashy nipple during her live performance.

Nicki Minaj’s nipple looks like a chewed up piece of dog shit, and probably smells just as bad. This is just the type of “good morning” heathen Americans deserve for allowing trash like Nicki Minaj to receive fame and fortune for spouting her inane gibberish.

Already the “Parents Television Council” is demanding ABC administer stricter controls on their programs. Well we here at Celeb Jihad say that just isn’t going to cut it! We have sent a letter to ABC demanding that everyone involved with the production of “Good Morning America” be executed post-haste, and their remains fed to pigs.

If ABC fails to act on our demands then they are obviously condoning Nicki Minaj flashing her shameful aureola on television, and will have to answer to Sharia law for the crime of “shoddy pornography in the first degree”. Allahu Akbar!