Miranda Kerr Dancing Topless In A Thong

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Victoria’s Secret model and former Mrs Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr dances around topless while in a thong in the behind the scenes video below.

Clearly Miranda Kerr is “tripping” after smoking too much ecstasy (MDMA), as she wiggles her taut nude body around in this video. Only in the heathen West would they have a drug like ectasy that turns their women into even bigger whores.

Whatever happened to giving a woman large amounts of pure Afghanistan grown opium, so that she becomes pliable and barely conscious? Surely it would be much easier to wrangle a woman who isn’t bouncing around while “raving” on Molly like Miranda Kerr is in this video. Why I doubt I could get half of my 24 inches into Miranda’s taut little butt while she is in this state before it slipped out because of her incessant need to “own the night” and “party like its 1999”.