Miley Cyrus Goes To A Slave Auction

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Muslimina Miley Cyrus examines what appears to be a female abid at a slave auction in Damascus.

Miley Cyrus understands that picking a good slave is no easy task as most Sub-Saharan’s are shiftless layabouts, so one most be thorough when appraising their value.

It is important to squeeze the rump to determine muscle density and plow pulling ability, as Miley Cyrus is doing in the photo above. However, by the expression on Miley’s face it looks as though she made the beginner’s mistake of breathing too deeply around the abid, who’s stink can be quite potent.

Hopefully Allah will take pity on Miley Cyrus and guide her to a fruitful purchase of a robust abid that will be able to get her poppy crop planted before the rainy season.