Miley Cyrus Blows A Leprechaun

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Well Miley Cyrus has hit a new low! It doesn’t get more depraved then providing oral favors to mythical Irish creatures, and any reasonable person viewing the above picture of Miley with her tongue out can plainly see that she has been blowing a leprechaun.

Blowing a leprechaun or “Lucky Charming” as it is known on the streets is becoming a serious epidemic with our nation’s youth. Leprechaun’s lure impressionable slutty young girls like Miley into sucking their clovers with promises of gold and amazingly whiter teeth. Sadly the girls are usually just left with a couple bullion for a cab ride home and green tongue to show for their efforts.

Miley Cyrus has got to realize that as a role model to 100’s of billions of young girls out there. She can not be seen blowing leprechauns like this because her fans may get the wrong idea and think it is cool and try to imitate her. Then we’ll be overcome with jaded green tongued teens, while the leprechauns get off scot-free, and gold hits record highs of nearly $1200 an ounce.