Mila Kunis Performs Nude Ukrainian Mating Dance

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Today is the Eastern Orthodox Church’s Christmas day, and to defile it Shebrew Ukrainian actress and Slavic slut Mila Kunis performs the traditional nude mating dance of her people in the photo above.

This Jewish Jezebel clearly has no respect for the Christian faith, as she airs out her dirty little cock cave and flaunts her mangled lady lips while griping anal beads between her toes in this disgusting photo. Of course the cowardly Christians only have themselves to blame for Mila Kunis brazenly desecrating one of their holiest days without fear of retribution.

You better believe that if this were a Muslim holy day and Mila Kunis dared to expose her beaten up cooter like this there would be hell to pay in form of many righteous demonstrations in the streets throughout the Middle East; with the burning of flags, AK-47s being fired off into the air, and of course a strongly worded fatwa being issued denouncing Mila and calling for her to be prosecuted under Sharia law.