Mila Kunis Nude Outtake Photo Leaked

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This never before seen nude outtake photo of actress and Jewess Mila Kunis has just been leaked online.

As you can see, Mila Kunis is smiling from ear to ear as she prostitutes her blasphemous nude Shebrew body in this pic. In fact, Mila is so gleeful in this photo it can only mean that either there is a Palestinian child being tortured just off camera, or she just saved a ton of money on her Hanukkah presents with “Black Friday” deals.

Regardless of the reason for Mila’s cheerfulness, us Muslims will wipe that smirk off her stupid kike face when we launch a flurry of missile attacks into downtown Tel Aviv for this most brazen ocular assault. Yes when Mila’s fellow Jews are running through the streets shouting “oy vey!” with their yamakas on fire she won’t be so smugly joyful, and she will know the righteous retribution that must be paid for offending us Muslims with her Christ killing cooze.