Mila Kunis Invited To The Jihadists Ball

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Mila Kunis made headlines this weekend when she attended the “Marine Corps Ball” with the Marine who had begged her to be his date in a (pathetic) YouTube video.

No doubt Mila was bored to tears watching the “don’t ask don’t tell” Marines waltzing around all night playing grab ass with each other. That is why I Durka Durka Mohammed would like to formally invite Mila Kunis to the “Jihadists Ball”, so that I may show her how to really have a good time.

The Jihadists Ball is being held this year at the banquet room in the airport Holiday Inn in lovely Islamabad, Pakistan. Of course Mila should be advised that it isn’t so much of a “ball”, as it is more like a gangbang, so she should do some stretching beforehand. Also we will be laying down plastic sheeting (we want our security deposit back), but this event is BYOL (bring your own lube), and trust me Mila you’ll want plenty of lube.

No doubt Mila Kunis will accept my invitation, unless she wishes to be labeled an anti-Islamic bigot. My fellow Jihadists and I look forward to showing her the time of her life. Allahu Akbar!