Mila Kunis Flaunts Her New Mom Cleavage

mila-kunis, celeb-jihad

Jewess Mila Kunis bends over and flaunts her surprisingly perky new mom cleavage in the GIF above.

As you may know, Mila Kunis recently spawned the unholy offspring of actor Ashton Kutcher, and now her breasts are swollen with milk to feed the little bastard hellion.

Of course as a Shebrew Mila Kunis’ breast milk is extremely toxic to the human species. No one knows for sure why that is, but Jewish breast milk has been found to contain trace amounts of both gold and the tears of orphaned Palestinian children. Regardless of what they contain, Mila Kunis’ engorged titties are extremely dangerous right now, and any sort of righteous tongue lashings or nipple tweakings should be avoided at all costs.