Michelle Rodriguez Nude Scene From “The Assignment”

Actress and butch lesbodyke Michelle Rodriguez performs in her first nude scene for the movie “The Assignment” in the video above.

From what I can gather from the nude scenes in this video, this movie is about a gender studies major who takes on an assignment to try and prove the thesis that gender is a societal construct and not a biological reality. However, Michelle becomes incredibly frustrated and disheartened when after declaring herself a man she wakes up the next day and finds that she still has the same sad wonky boobs and nasty rat’s nest of a snatch.

Rather than except the fact that gender is completely based in biology and that her liberal arts education is useless, Michelle Rodriguez decides to pretend that she actually is a man by taping down her titties and having sex with some blonde chick who is so use to being left unsatisfied by the tiny manhoods of infidel males that the prospect of getting railed by Michelle Rodriguez’s oversized clit excites her.