Michael Jackson Makes A Beautiful Corpse

michael-jackson, celeb-jihad

You may not recognize him without a little boy’s cock shoved in his mouth, but the above photo is of dead Michael Jackson. The photo of Michael Jackson’s corpse was released during the trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor who for some reason the corrupt Zionist legal system is charging with murder.

Apparently prosecutors do not realize that Michael Jackson was a 70lbs pedophile drug addict with no nose. Frankly I am surprised that this doctor was able to keep Michael Jackson from imploding into a pile of dust and kiddie fluids. The man should be congratulated not persecuted!

Maybe it is just my love of seeing dead celebrities, but I think Michael Jackson’s corpse looks good… and I mean REALLY good. I just know I will have sinful thoughts when my mind wanders to this picture later tonight. Allahu Akbar!